Unemployment Rates in EU Countries

Unemployment Rates in EU

EUROSTAT (Statistical Office of the European Communities) periodically announces the minimum wage in the Member States of the European Union. According to the announcement made as of May 2017;

  • Unemployment rate in the European Union is 7.6%.
  • Greece and Spain are the countries where the most serious unemployment is experienced and have unemployment rates twice as high as the EU average.
  • Czech Republic and Germany are the EU countries with the least unemployment rates.
  • Unemployment rate in Turkey was 12.6% as of March 2017.

Unemployment rates in the EU Member States as of May 2017 are as follows:


Unemployment Rate (%)

Greece 22,5
Spain 17,7
Italy 11,3
Cyprus 11
Crotia 10,7
France 9,6
Portugal 9,4
Finland 8,8
Latvia 8,3
Slovakia 8,1
Belgium 7,6
Lithuania 7,3
Slovenia 7,1
Sweden 6,7
Irland 6,4
Estonia 6,2
Luxembourg 6
Bulgaria 6
Denmark 5,7
Romania 5,4
Netherland 5,1
Poland 4,8
United Kingdom 4,5
Hungary 4,3
Malta 4,1
Germany 3,9
Chechz Republic 3


2 thoughts on “Unemployment Rates in EU Countries

  1. Well, that’s statistics. The rest of my family is in Latvia, and I would say with certainty that real unemployment rates are higher. There is hardly any work there. Only the capital city Riga has something to offer, but people cannot find any work in small towns or rural areas. That’s why they go to look for work to other countries.

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    1. That s a pity but it s aleays the case that real unemployment rates and its severe results are not reflected in numbers. I hope that it gets betten in Latvia and other countries like Greece. EU should be dealing with this issue more seriously.


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