General View

Despite always being listed as one of the greatest books of all time great, I did not like it or the novel did not actually meet my expectations. Frankly speaking it is not my book, I guess, I could not feel attached the book, story or the characters.

Main Character and Short Summary

The book is a perfect example to show the teenage experience of alienation and early crisis of adolescence. The writer good at plotting on the free fall of the main character. None the less, I was hoping hoping to discover some philosophical or theoretical references to the psychological issues that Holden goes through.
I mean, Holden is not the first young man experiencing disconnecting with life and feeling meaningless at some point but as a reader I waited for a better explanation of why Holden feels that his life sucks or how to get rid of that awful mood. Holden is very quick to change what to feel, to think and whatever. Such a state of mind and emotional breakdowns needs to be better described to convince the reader that character of the book is well-established.
The most valuable message I was able to get is that there could be so many reasons to die but you need to stick to the reason to live even if there is only one. Good one.

Final Verdict

Do not read the book If you are depressed enough to have issues, since the book may not help you anyway. If you want to get a well-structured account for the state of mind of a over-depressed person, You will not learn much either. All in all, I can say that there is little or no worth to spend hours to read the life of a lousy character if you want to know the truth. So, I can not recommend you the book.

Catcher in the Rye Full Movie


9 thoughts on “The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

      1. I’m quite generous, yes. :)
        Funnily enough, I really enjoyed Catcher in the Rye – I didn’t find that one to be depressing at all. Perhaps because the protagonist was younger.

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      2. Maybe. Perhaps read it again after a couple of decades. ;)
        Do you write that blog by yourself, or collaboratively? The reason I ask is that you are plural (freakS) not singular (freak).

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