What is SSL?

“Secure Sockets Layer”, SSL, is a standardized web security technology that allows encrypted communication between servers and clients. It is most commonly applied in web environment to make sure a secure communication between application servers / databases and browser on client.

SSL is a standard algorithm used for secure data communication in millions of web sites. SSL functionality requires a  key on server side and a certificate on the other side.


Use of SSL

  • It provides security and privacy in encrypting and decrypting messages
  • Sender and receiver of message are accurate
  • It verifies date and time of the documents transmitted
  • It facilitates the creation of document archives

Certification Authority

It is a public or private sector organisation that  issues and manages digital certificates. Digital certificates are signed with secret keys of these institutions.

How Does SSL Work?

SSL has an encryption method based on the use of keys: Public and private keys.
Two keys are nothing but digitally coded software and a data encrypted with one of those keys can only be decrypted by the other.
Once you’ve created your keys (which is fully automated, there’s nothing special to do), you will own the private key but send the public key the person you want to contact. Third parties  will not be able to decrypt the data due to not having the key. Depending on the complexity of the SSL method used (40 bits, 128 bits), decryption without accurate key would take very time even with very advanced techniques.  Overall, SSL ensures that data between two parties is communicated securely without being viewed by third parties.

See for more: “How SSL works tutorial”

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