Minimum Wages in Asia

Here is a list of minimum wages in Asia, the Far East Region, in both national currency and US Dollar.

You can see that difference between the lowest monthly minimum wage and the highest one in the region is gigantic. If you compare Bangladesh with Australia, ratio of difference is more than 45 times. The difference between the lowest and the highest is less than in Europe.

You can also notice that some countries has different minimum wages set for various regions.

Country In Country Currency In USD
Bangladesh 5,300 (Taka) 65.45
Mongolia 192,000 (Tugrik) 79.57
Myannmar 108,000 (Kyat) 81.22
Lao PDR 900,000 (Kip) 113.03
Pakistan 10,000-12,000 (Rupee) 97.00-116.40
Cambodia 560,000.(Riel) 140.00
Vietnam 3,100,000-3,500,000 (Dong) 139.06-157.01
Philippines 10,200 (Peso) 204.58
Indonesia 1,150,000 – 3,100,000 (Rupiah) 86.60-233.43
Malaysia 920-1,000 (Ringgit) 209.23-227.43
Thailand 9,000 (Baht) 263.00
China 1,000- 2,190 (Yuan) 145.40-318.43
Taiwan 27,600 (Taiwan Dollar) 909.66
Hongkong 7,800 (HK Dollar) 1,003.31
South Korea 1,552,800 (Won) 1,372.84
Japan 162,720-218,400 (Japan Yen) 1,492.57-2,003.30
New Zealand 2,928-3,660 (New Zealand Dollar) 2,061.87-2,577.34
Australia 4,248.00 (Australian Dollar) 3,208.05


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