NBA and International Basketball: Different Rules, Right?

European basketball is played in accordance with FIBA (Federation of International Basketball) rules similar to the Olympic basketball. Yet, some of those rules change when it comes to NBA. So, do you know the differences between rules of international basketball and NBA.

It is possible to summarize the main differences under a number of topics such as time of the match, fouls, movers, three number lines, ball intervention on the pot, air shot, shooting time and defence etc.:

1.Duration of the Game 

In NBA, the game is played in a total of 48 minutes in four periods of 12 minutes. In European basketball, on the other hand, duration of the game is 40 minutes composed of four periods of 10 minutes. But there is no difference between overtime. In both cases, the duration of an overtime is 5 minutes.

2.Fauls (Pesonal Foul)

In NBA, each player may have a total of six personal fouls but when it comes to European basketball it is five. However, an extra foul is quite plausible as the duration of the game in NBA is 20 percent longer than Europa.

3.Shot Clock 

In both NBA and European basketball, shot clock is 24 seconds. The only difference is that a team has to shot the ball within 14 seconds after getting an offensive rebound in European basketball. Albeit, in NBA, shot clock starts from 24 seconds again. So, it is more rewarding for offensive minded teams in NBA.

4.Three Point Line

European basketball has a 3.75 meter distance from the basket, while NBA has a 3-point line at 7.24 meters. This difference is big enough to have an impact on the shooting coordination of the body since distance sense is a kind of muscle practice. Players drafted from Europe, or vice versa, may find it difficult to reconfigure their shots in the first year and often hit the rookie wall.

5. Technical Foul (Technical Foul)

In the case of a technical foul in European basketball, a free-throw is awarded and then the right to begin the game from the half-court. In NBA, however, the situation is somewhat different. After technical foul, game starts from the last point where it stopped.
Also, unlike European basketball, a player who receives a technical in NBA is automatically given a personal foul, too. In addition, when the total number of technical fouls reaches 15 in a season or 7 during playoffs, players are suspended automatically for the next match.

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