Why Skin Care is Important

Our skin consists of various layers with pores which are affected both by cells and environmental conditions. Internal factors include nutrition, stress, skin problems, extreme sweating, age and so on. External factors include sun, wind, sudden temperature changes, air pollution, humidity, and remainings of the previous make-ups etc.  Each factor may have different impacts on human body in accordance with skin structures.

Skin care is always a top priority for all of us but it requires knowledge of cosmetics and listening your body as well. Some  skin care mistakes may result in side effects; harm your health; and create dermatological problems.

10 Common Skin Care Mistakes

1.Not removing your make-up before sleeping.

Not removing make-up before sleeping is a vital mistake that prevents regeneration of the skin and create health issues for the skin. Do not forget that nights are almost the only chances of your skin to refresh itself.  Skin cell renewal takes place actively between 01:00 and 04:00.


2.Not having daily skin cleansing

Regardless of wearing make-up, it is indispensable to cleanse your skin owing to the fact that factors like cigarette smoke, air pollution, dust, humidity, and sweating leads to clogging your skin and its pores. So, what you need is simply to cleanse your skin naturally or  with tonic. Then, you can apply moisturising so as for refreshing.

3.Heavy make-up  on a regular basis 

Persistently put on too heavy make-up that does not fit to your skin is something you should avoid. Your skin requires an appropriate make-up for itself and needs some breaks without wearing such heavy make-ups from time to time. Well, some people may need to have flashing make-up all the time due to working under spotlights but we, people on the street, are not one of those. Hence, do not forget to give opportunity to your skin for refreshing; otherwise, early aging might be a concern.


4.Not using moisturising your skin

Not using moisturising your skin with a right type of moisture on a regular basis is a fatal error. A dry skin will be vulnerable to external factors. However, each weather condition- hot summer of cold winters- and various skin types- fatty or dry- require different kind of moistures such as oil based or water based ones.

5.Underestimating the role of night creams

Every skin depending on age and type needs different night care. Night creams for tightening or anti-aging should be definitely made use of after a certain age especially over the age of 30. Non-intensive creams could be used in twenties.

6.Not using sun-creams

Not using sun-creams especially sunny and hot days of summer may be detrimental to your health. Sunlight may lead to wrinkles, skin blemishes and early aging. In extreme cases it may cause to skin cancer and one must think of the destruction of the ozone layer in the last century that creates more threats to human life in case of solar exposure.


Particularly people with sensitive skin or light-skinned people should not go out without those protective creams. Experts recommend using at least 15 factors of sun-creams for those.

7. Not choosing appropriate skin care products

There is always a high possibility to have unexpected results  if you do not use right set of cosmetics for your skin type. It means that first you need to listen your body. To illustrate, if you use products for dry skin when you have an oily skin, you will quickly experience excessive glare, blackheads, and acne-like problems.

8. Using soap for epilation 

Soap is known as one of the fastest drying cleansing ingredients. For this reason, if you are using soap before you epilate your skin, it is possible to have some irritation on the skin. Using shaving foam in the process and cream with moisturiser at the end will help you prevent having such problems. Normally, it is not recommended to make soap contact with the skin too much.


9.Not cleaning make-up brushes

Dirty or unclean make-up brushes may gradually turn into a safe heaven for bacteria. In this case, making up with those brushes will help bacteria leak into pores. In order to avoid, you should perform routine cleaning on brushes with water regularly.


10.Using just water for skin cleansing

Water is the most essential substance for cleansing, unfortunately not enough. The problem is that pH level of your skin is 5.5 but pH level of pipe water could be as high as 9.5 depending on the quality of water in the area where you live. So, applying tonics helps you normalize the acid level of skin.




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