What is Bolero?

Bolero is a slow, beautiful and elegant dance. Being a hybrid dance genre, bolero combines the dance patterns of American style rumba with the up and down figures of waltz. It is the slowest among American style dances with 4/4 rhythm. Bolero dancers should reflect the emotions of the couple in love.

Bolero can be practised alone or with partners. Bolero, also called “Cuban Dance of Love”, is believed to have evolved from Afro-Cuba and Spanish folk dances such as danzon, beguine and fandango. The dance was originally played with a drummer setting the tempo.Various popular styles exist such as Fandango, American bolero and Cuban bolero.

History of Bolero

The origins of Bolero dates back to the 18th century. Sebastiano Carezo, a famous Spanish dancer from Cadiz, in 1780 developed a Spanish bolero with a 4/4 rhythm, resembling the fandango style. The Cuban bolero emerged in Cuba in the mid-19th century as a very different style from the Spanish version. Besides, American bolero was developed in the 1930s.

Features of Bolero

Character: Romantic, elegant and powerful
Style: American Rhythm
Music genre: Slow Latin  ballad. Click for bolero dance music: https://www.music4dance.net/dances/bolero
Tempo: 24-26 measure / min or 96-102 BPM (number of beats per minute). Tempo is medium speed and slow (andantino).
Tempo refers to the playing speed of the music accompanied by the dance, i.e. the tempo of the song. You can test the tempo practically with the BPM application at http://www.beatsperminuteonline.com.
Main rhythm features: 4/4. Slow-fast-fast.

How to Make Bolero Dance?

The following basic principles for the movements of Bolero could be stated:

  • Bolero consists of 6 steps in a slow-fast-fast tempo.
  • Bolero has “slip pivot” and left turns. Slip pivot motion.
  • In bolero, the lifting of the body, not the feet, is essential. It is expected that the body should fall back and move forward and that the feet accompany these movements.

Those who want to learn the basic figures of the Bolero dance can look at the following video:

I http://www.ballroomdancers.co
I http://www.ballroomdanceacademy.co
I http://www.justdanceballroom.co

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