What is Cha Cha Cha?

Created in Cuba, cha cha cha is a one of the most popular Latin American dances and a very cheerful and lively dancing with a dynamic rhythm. This dance is often called as cha cha as well.  In Spanish, “Chacha” means babysitter.

Cha cha cha is played with certain some predetermined movements and can be easily performed in narrow spaces. It is important that dancing partners  visualize the feelings in order to reflect spirit behind the dance.

History of Cha Cha Cha Dance

Initially introduced as a variant of mambo and rumba dances, cha cha cha was started to be played as a separate dance in the 1950s. Constructed in a 4/4 measure like mambo and rumba, the final beat is divided in two in order for catching the “cha cha cha” rhythm.

The first piece of work was written by Cuban violinist Enrique Jorrin in 1948. An English dance teacher Pierre Lavelle, who visited Cuba in 1952, learned about the cha cha cha dance that was a slowed down mambo and rumba, and introduced it to the United Kingdom. In 1954, the dance was started to performed in the United States.

Characteristics of Cha Cha Cha Dance

Character: Lively, cheerful, eye-catching and cynical
Style: International Latin
Music type: Medium tempo Latin music (Check out some songs for cha cha cha dance )
Tempo: 30-32 measure / minute or 128 BPM (beat per minute). The cha cha cha dancing has a fast pace (Allegro Moderato or alegretto).

Tempo refers to the playing speed of the music accompanied to a dance, i.e. the tempo of the song.  You can actually  test the tempo from the BPM application.
Main rhythm features: 4/4 (2, 3, 4 & 1)

How to Dance Cha Cha Cha?

The basic principles of the dance are as follows:
* Men and women move away with swinging and funny figures and get closer again with reverse movements.
* Hip movements are very at the heart of the dance. The steps are cheerful and fast.
* In all steps taken in the dance, the beginnings of the toes first touch the floor and then the weight is given to the heels. When lifting the foot, it starts from the heel and fingertips is are the last to leave the floor.
Those who want to learn the basic figures of cha cha cha dance can look at the this video.


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