How To Make Babies Sleep

One of the biggest problems that your baby would have is falling asleep. Some babies do not have a dead sleep and gets up in the middle of frequently and in turn, give parents a nightmare.

Normally if there is not a health problem for sleeping problem, you need to understand what it requires to help your baby sleep well without interruption.

Here is a list of 13 effective tips to help your baby to sleep:


Evening spas calm your baby and a warm bath brings your baby’s sleep for sure. So, if your baby have difficulties about sleep, consider baby bath as an opportunity and don’t waste it in the daytime.

In addition, a 15-minute bedtime massage will absolutely help your baby to sleep right after the bath.

Sleeping Room

Bedroom of the baby should not contain anything to distract her attention. Bright lights, television or big boys around are certainly not helping. Do not compare babies with adults with a tendency to take a nap while watching T.V.


It is very important to have a degree of warmth that your baby enjoys. However, it should not be too hot or the other way round .


Put your baby’s favourite toys at the bedside.


You may sing to your baby to make her sleep but the key is to do it slowly and softly.  Or read the stories in a low tone.

No Eye Contact

Last thing you may want to do is to give your baby a chance for not to sleep and an animated eye or eye contact will make her excite and lose her sleep. So, it is better to shut your eyes as well.

Little Bit Noise

Babies were used to hearing some sounds like voice of mother’s heart and for this reason extreme silence is not considered as the best circumstance to fall asleep for babies.


Babies wake up when they are hungry and instead of interrupting your baby’s sleep in the middle of the night, it is better to feed her just before going to bed. It will surely prolong the period of sleep.

Set a Bedtime

Babies simply need to sleep but overtired ones cannot simply fall asleep. Therefore, it is better to have a regular bedtime and once her body clock gets use to it, your baby will go to bed easily.

Wright Clothing

Try to dress your baby up with comfortable, but not tight, pyjamas made of cotton but not  irritating synthetic fabrics.

Dry Diapers

Do not forget to change the wet diapers before the bedtime since wet ones may both harm the skin and lower the comfort of the sleep.

Wrapping in a Blanket

It is sometimes overlooked but the experiences of mothers indicates that especially newborn babies sleeps better when they are wrapped in a blanket like a burrito.

Telling a Story

Babies may like to listen a story but not of course she understands it but rather likes to hear you.

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