Minimum Wages in Europe

The EUROSTAT (Statistical Office Of The European Communities) announces regularly every year the minimum wages in the members countries of the European Union. According to 2017 facts;

  • Luxembourg tops the list with a minimum minimum monthly salary of 1999 Euros
  • The average minimum wage of the 28 members is 846 Euros
  • The difference between the highest and the lowest minimum wages is more than 8 times.
  • Bulgaria has the lowest minimum wages with 235 Euros
  • Denmark, Italy, Southern Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden has no such implementation of national minimum wage
  • Meanwhile the minimum wage in Turkey is approximately 350 Euros according to the current exchange rate

Here is the full list of EU minimum wage rank in 2017:

Countries Minimum Wage in Euro
Luxembourg 1.999
Ireland 1.563
Netherlands 1.552
Belgium 1.532
Germany 1.498
France 1.480
United Kingdom 1.397
Spain 825
Slovenia 805
Malta 736
Greece 684
Portugal 650
Estonia 470
Poland 453
Slovakia 435
Croatia 433
Hungary 412
Czech Republic 407
Latvia 380
Lithuania 380
Romania 275
Bulgaria 235


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