How to Stretch Tight Shoes

Everyone of us one way or another has issues with tight shoes. Especially, in the age of internet and e-commerce, it is very often that we buy shoes on-line and they may not fit to our feet considering the fact that all shoes are not made out of the same sizes and/or shoe tree. In addition to this, shoes fitting well may become tight due to getting pregnant or putting some weight on. In such cases, most people have a tendency to go to the cobbler for repair but pay money and spend time.

Well, there are very practical ways that you can carry out at home to stretch your tight shoes without effort and spending too much time.

Here we suggest you five miraculous ways of fast fixing for tight shoes:

1.Putting shoes to deep freezer

Put your shoes into a nylon sac and place it in your deep freezer. Wait one night or 5 – 6 hours and take the sac out. After melting and getting the room temperature, you can take your shoes and wear them. By the way, it will also help you get rid of stinky smells of your shoes

2. Using Vinegar or Alcohol

Get some old newspapers and wash them with vinegar and / or alcohol (you can use cologne instead of alcohol as well). Put those newspapers into your shoes and wait a night. If you don’t like the smell especially of vinegar, you may use water but bear in mind that vinegar is also very good for the health of your foot.

3. Using Hair Dryer or Hot Steam

Use hair dryer or very hot steam onto your shoes especially to the areas that bothers most for 10 minutes. Wear your shoes right after adding heat. Also, you may perform this process while wearing shoes.

4. Wearing Wool Socks

Put on your thickest wool socks that were knitted by your grandma and try to wear the shoes albeit not very easy. Then, keep walking for one or two hours. It will also help rubbing alcohol spray while wearing the shoes.

5. Buying  Shoe Stretchers

Getting a pair of shoe stretchers that perfectly fits to your shoe size and letting them sit with the stretchers inside for over a week.


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