What is American Football?

American Football is the most popular game in North America and the home of Super Bowl “American football championship game”.

The aim is to score more points than opponent team. It is necessary to take the ball to the opponent’s end zone, i.e. scoring area, or throw it to a player in that zone. Each team has 4 chances to move the ball forward 10 yards. In case of advancing that distance , 4 downs start over again. Otherwise, the ball passes to the defending team.

What is Rugby?

Rugby is an Olympic game based on high intensity of physical combat. It has been played since the beginning of the 19th century and highly popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy.

Rules and style of playing in rugby resemble American football and in order to win the game it is necessary to make more points than opponent team.

Difference Between Rugby and American Football

  • Rugby’s main homeland is the UK but mainland of American football is of course USA.
  • There is no shoulder pads in Rugby, but they are used in American football.
  • There’s no helmet worn in Rugby, whereas it is necessary to use helmet in American football.
  • The game may not stop immediately when the runner with the ball falls in rugby.
  • In rugby, injuries occurs more often due to insufficient protective clothing.
  • In rugby players stood in a row simply while the line-up in American football requires a hierarchy.
  • The number of combination of plays in American Football is more than rugby.
  • In rugby, you can only pass the guy on the back and it is forbidden to pass the ball to forward. Yet, you can pass the ball to any direction in American football.
  • In rugby, having contact with other players’ head or neck or kicking is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to hold the helmet and push a player from his back in American football.
  • In rugby, team on the pitch is 15 but 11 in American football.
  • American football is played in a 110×50 m field while the dimensions in rugby are 100×79 m.
  • Total playing time in American football is 60 minutes while it is 80 minutes in rugby.

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