General View

It is a kind of challenging book. Why? It leaves you with a bitter-sweet taste. On the one hand, you like the how the characters fall in love but you keep feeling the sword of Democles, cancer, throughout the book as an inevitable end.

Sometimes I feel like the books about cancer is always a slam dunk because It is cancer and it hurts everyone. So, getting reader’s attention is easy considering the fact that those people with cancer are just children. Well , the book catches you off guard.

Main Characters and Review

Green wrote the novel in 2012 and it is about the life of  Hazel Gracein and Augustus Waters who fall in love but struggle with cancer.

As a reader I think that the book has a serious lack of depth of the story. At some point, things keeps going without sufficient level of background and they just happen. Therefore, I consider the story as constructed superficially.

Readers live the stories in their minds and want to be a part of them. To help the readers, it is indispensable to picture characters like in real life so as to help readers get attached to the characters. Yet, I felt like I did not live the story in my mind since the characters are too much grown up and they do not have sufficient emotional ups and downs for kids with cancer in real life.

Final Verdict

The Fault in Our Stars is a fiction novel without depth and dimension, insufficiently developed details, weird characters lacking details. Never the less, it is a book of love and cancer and you will definitely feel sympathy for those kids if you have some similar cases in your life.

Overall, I do not recommend you to read The Fault in Our Stars.

The Fault in Our Stars Full Movie

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