What is MAC Address?

Each network card contains a unique number embedded during production and has no equivalent in the world. This address is called as “media access control address” (MAC) and 48 bits.

When network cards send data to another network card, they use this MAC address to distinguish the receiver from others.

Companies producing network cards first apply to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to receive a 24-bit manufacturer code (each manufacturer is given a different code). Then, each card produced has given a 48-bit MAC address which comprises 24 bits of the manufacturer code at the beginning and 24 bits of serial number special to the card at the end.

A network card MAC address can be as follows: 110011110110111011101111 011101111011011101110001



Manufacturer code

Card serial number

As it is not easy to read MAC Address in binary system,  they are translated into hexadecimal numbers. A typical MAC address is 00-50-05-1A-00-AF which is exactly a code in hexadecimal system and each character corresponds to 4 bits.

How to Find the MAC Address of Your Computer

Using Command prompt is the easiest way to find out the MAC address.

  1. Open command prompt. In Windows 10, right-click on the start button and find the command prompt in the menu.
  2. Just write ipconfig /all or ipconfig -all on the command prompt.
  3. Here you are: You’ll see a line physical address”.




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