Local Area Networks (LANs)

It is a data network that covers high speed, small areas (a building, a company, a department, a room). PCs, notebooks, servers, printers, plotters, CD_ROM drivers, and other peripheral devices can be located in the local network.

LANs provide various advantages to computer users such as access to applications and devices, file exchange between interconnected users, communication via applications.

Intranet and LANs are two concepts that can not be separated from each other. If a LAN is installed in the company and the use by the company personnel is open, it is called “intranet”. An intranet includes www server, ftp file server, database servers and newsgroups.

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

It is a network that communicates between hundreds or thousands of kilometres in a country or world. It is created by connecting ITC systems (local / international) or LANs to each other in geographically remote locations. A large number of servers are used in these networks where communication is usually established with remote sites via cable or satellites. Ten thousand users and computers can operate on WANs.

Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs)

MANs are wider than the area covered by the LAN, but are networks that provide narrower-distance communication as it covers the WAN. It is usually created by interconnecting urban ITC systems.

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