Definition of Abyssal Animals

Abyssal animals (Tiefseetiere in Gr; Animaux des grands fonds in Fr) are the animals living in the dark depths of waters. They are sometimes known as the creatures of the dark abyss.

Each animal species lives in their own depth. In the dark abyss, sea corals, cuttlefish, fish with light organs, small creatures that cause burns, and rotten bacteria on the very bottom could be seen. In addition to this, some worms such as snowmen, flat gills, some crustaceans, sea bass, sea star, snake star, sea cucumbers, sponges, corals, tubular worms, softball players, and sea lilies could be listed as other examples of the creatures of the dark abyss.

How They Feed?

Under natural conditions, sunlight could only reach around 200 or 300 meters deep in the sea or oceans. This, in turn, leads to the fact that plantation without sunlight is not possible under that level and without plants that produce food with photosynthesis, it is thought that live life cannot exist. Such plants could only grown only in light strata regardless of the type of water, i.e. ocean, sea or lake.

Today, what we learn from discoveries in the dark abyss of the seas and oceans is that various animal species live under such conditions. These are mostly scavenger species and they supply their food from the upper layers of waters to the bottom of plant and animal wastes.  In addition, some fish that live in the upper parts of the waters go deep to search for food. In the meantime they feed on deep fish. The rotten bacteria in the diploma also destroy dead organisms by cutting them apart, leaving nothing behind.

Discovery Attempts in Dark Abyss

The underwater research device “Bathysphere” built by William Beebe in 1930 and researchers went down deeper than 900 meters. Auguste Piccard made a research submarine that went deeper than 6 mile. In 1963, the French Jacques-Yues Cousteau and his team conducted significant underwater research. In a Red Sea submarine cell named “Starfish House”.

The pressure in the water increases in a strictly proportional manner and the pressure at one point is the same in every direction. Although there are tons of water pressures deep in the water, the creatures of the abyss adapt themselves to such a pressure not to explode.


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