Definition of Albinism

Albinism is the lack of substance giving the natural colour of  skin, hair and eyes genetically. It is a rare health problem and only seen every one person in 20000 and people with albinism is called “albino”.

Impacts of Albinism

In general,  albinism exists when there is a no pigment (melanin) under the skin. Hairs seem like snow white; papilla of eyes is blue or grey. Patients with albinism are afraid of sun and light and is some cases mental and physical weaknesses may occur.

Causes of Albinism

The pigment cells of the skin, namely melanocyte , are unable to produce pigment melanin. It is believed that this inability is caused by the genetic absence of tyrosine enzyme. So, there is no cure found to heal albinism yet.

Treatment of Albinism

Paint cells would not be able to be treated unless there is a way to produce the enzyme tyrosine.

Interesting Facts About Albinism

  • People with albinism can go out and live normally without being affected by the sun but they need to take some measures to protect themselves.
  • Eyes are not red (normally blue or grey) but seen always red under the flash light.
  • Albinism may be transferred from either father or mother genetically. Yet, a child could only be albino if both parents have the albinism. If only one of them has the albinism genes, than, the child would only be carrier but not an albino. It is due to the fact that the albinism gene is a passive one.
  • Albinism is not sui generis to the humankind; but may be seen in animal and vegetations as well.
  • Albinos should have a very good skincare; if not, there is a higher possibility for them to get skin cancer.

Source: bianet

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