General View

It is a good fiction novel. Yet, it is completely different that the classic utopia of  Orwell’s “Animal Farm” or “1984” and sometimes it is interesting to hear that people make comparisons between the two and Coming Up For Air and it is very unfair. I consider that some readers make the reading choices by heart without making any initial researches. If you are expecting a book utopia with full of political and social messages, then, probably you are wasting your time but that does not necessarily mean that this book is a bad one. I would say, it is just a matter of taste.

Main Characters and Plot

The story is built into war years and boring life of George Bowling married to Hilda with two children. Never the less, Coming Up for Air sounds like a real life story of an ordinary person in the street who has a solid sense of humour.
The book gives the chance to travel with George Bowling, the main character, into his childhood. Bowling is a dull character and keeps complaining all the time and never able to finish the things he started properly. The fact that I found him boring and that Orwell puts too much emphasis on unnecessary details without any contribution to the main plot makes boring as well.
Some may argue that Coming Up for Air is a book of a marriage, in this case, a marriage of saddened and annoying, fat man in his middle ages.

Final Verdict

After all, Coming Up for Air is a good book with an interesting story but, to tell you the truth, not a fascinating novel. The book starts and ends with the same emotional state but give you a lot of chances to get some sense of humour. Do not start reading it to find another utopia but just lower you expectations to a rather different version of Orwell within a tragicomic context.

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