What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout syndrome is defined as the internal exhaustion of people due to dissatisfaction, lack of success, lack of energy and wear and tear. The syndrome is a work related problem seen in those people who have never experienced any kind of psychiatric or psychological disorder  and sometimes called as occupational burnout syndrome.

Herbert Freudenberger is the one first to coin the term in 1974 and Christina Maslach has developed the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) to systematically test the syndrome.

Especially, new generations have been idealistic and the gap between their ideals or  expectation and realities and drudgery of work life is so big that some of the get tired of fighting and fall to the webs of this syndrome. The burnout syndrome, according to some studies, is seen too much in doctors and other health sector workers.

Causes of the Burnout Syndrome

The causes of the syndrome could be summarized as lack of self esteem, negative approach to work, atypical depression, chronic stress, somatisation, social anxiety disorder, persona problems developed during childhood and so fort.

Sympthoms of the Burnout Syndrome

Scientists have discovered more that hundred symptoms of the burnout syndrome. They could be categorised and summarised as follows:

Emotinal Sympthoms of the Burnout Syndrome

Lack of motivation, impairment of self confidence, anxiety, too much scepticism, feeling worthless, inability to pay attention, lack of concentration, easily getting angry, the feeling of alienation etc.

Physical Sympthoms of the Burnout Syndrome

Lack of energy, sleep disorder, drinking more than often, too much smoking, getting disorganised, changing eating habit negatively, problems in digestion system, heart problems, issues in breathing  etc.

Behavioral Sympthoms of the Burnout Syndrome

Intolerance, sensitivity, persistently taking the defensive position, accusing other people too much, lack of communication etc.

How to Cure Burnout Syndrome?

People who found such symptoms in themselves could ask for professional support. None the less, first step is;

  • To start eating, sleeping regularly;
  • Going out and walking on a daily basis,
  • Getting away from computers and smart phones;
  • Checking relations with family members
  • Not to be a workaholic,
  • Taking baths
  • Relaxation
  • Leaving the work for a while

Yet, since the enterprises are responsible for the health of its employees, they should be taking the necessary steps to prevent the potential causes of the burnout syndrome such as balancing the workloads of employees, managing the stress in work environment, fixing inter-employee conflicts and improving the social activities among employees.

Resources: medikalakademi

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