An instant classic and unforgettable novel written in 1960. A must read book for everyone of all ages.

It is an award winning fiction novel (Pulitzer prize) and became a classic movie in 1961. Gregory Peck  played in the movie , To Kill A Mockingbird, which won the Academy Award 1992.

The novel was translated in to more than 40 languages and sold more that 40 million copies al around the world. To Kill A Mockingbird is considered as one of the best fiction of all time and tops any list of best novels.

Harper Lee was herself quite surprised with the unprecedented success of the book and she confessed that she was just hoping some encouragement from the readers to keep writing at the time.

Main Characters

Main characters of To Kill A Mockingbird are Scout Finch, Jem Finch, Atticus and Dill.


Harper Lee makes the reader travel all the way through the childhood – fears, dreams, games, friendships – and revisit our memories. Everyone would find something from their own version of Cunningams, Ewells or scary Boo Radley especially if grown up at the corner of a small town. It is no shame to miss your old days and keep reading the book in amazement, wonder and regret to have grown up already.

To Kill a Mocking Bird is a masterpiece that builds a huge story out of the lives of ordinary children but the readers should give credit to Harper Lee for her outstanding power to develop the characters physically and emotionally so that readers could have a very clear view of them.

To Kill a Mocking Bird highlights the problems of the American society of 1960s; struggles and successes. The main issue bought into discussion is race issues of that time.

Final Verdict

I strongly recommend To Kill a Mocking Bird to anyone without hesitation. It would for sure worth every nickel  and second to be spent.

Listen audiobook of To Kill a Mockingbird:

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