11.Setting ISO.

The best ISO value for night photography is 100 and at most 250 under the perfect conditions. The lower the ISO is, the lesser the noise image would have. When you shoot the photo with auto mode, DSLR will automatically use ISO values like 1600, which will increase the noise in return.

12.Chosing the white balance.

If you are at the very beginning of photography, then, use auto WB. However, it is better to understand the Kelvin value and the essence of white balance in photography. What I suggest is to use 4000 K value and scroll up and down to get warmer or colder colour depending on your own taste of photography.

13.Using flash.

Simply don’t use it. However, if there is too much difference in light conditions between background and foreground, you can use a fill flash to lighten foreground and avoid  highlights by cutting down the shutter speed.

14.Shooting button or remote controller.

If you have, use your remote controller to prevent any move during the shutter release. Yet, if you don’t own one, use times for the release to avoid any movement when you press the shutter button.

15.JPEG vs RAW.

Most of the amateurs have a tendency to use JPEG instead of RAW due to the fact that they do not prefer to do some post-processing or RAW images are three times bigger than the others. Yet, a photographer should always shoot with RAW since JPEG is a compressed file which always leads to losing some details and colours. Further, photoshop is modern version of old dark rooms and there will be always some benefits of applying some adjustments to your photos.

Well, now you are ready to go… but please bear in mind that you will not be taking your best image at the first try… Photography is an exercise of learning by doing…

Good luck and have fun out there…

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