6.Image stabilisation (IS).

Just close it to get the sharpest results.

7.Using Filters.

Hmm! Not really. Normally a filter will be detrimental to the sharpness of the photo depending on the quality of the filter. Never the less, it is always possible to use them to get different light effects.

Well, we have all the equipments, placing and timing… Now lets shoot it.

8.Chosing the shooting mode.

A photographer regardless of being amateur or professional should not be using complete auto modes (auto, scene, night scene, night portrait, no flash etc). Instead, they need to be fully controlling their camera. For this reason, manual mode (M in Canon) is the best but the Bulb mode also serves to the same purpose if you are planning to use a remote controller.

9.Chosing the aperture.

In order to get the sharpest images, the aperture should be set between f8 and f16. The sharpest aperture (sweet point) of each lens differs. Finding the sweet point of your lens, you need to set you aperture to the widest and add 2 or 3 full stop. To illustrate, if the widest aperture of your lens is f4.0, then, f5.6, f 8.0, and f11 are the following full stops in aperture. Hence, what you need to do is to try f 8.0, and f11. But usually, you’ll be anyway using apertures around f8.0. So, don’t bother yourself with full stop aperture values.

10.Chosing an shutter speed.

As you all know, a photo could be taken with 1/125 second or 25 seconds depending on the light conditions. During the night photography, you will be using longer shutter speeds but in order for determining the best shutter time, you should check your exposure meter. When you half-click shutter button, you will see the exposure meter staying between -3 and +3.  Just alter the shutter speed to get the value “0” at the exposure meter to avoid dark images or too much highlights.

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