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Are you tired of forgetting the location of the parking slot where you leave your car and unable to find it when you are back. Do not worry any more. Google Maps as now a feature to find “parking slots”. Good thing is that you do not have to download a new application. So, all you need to do is to own a smart phone or tablet pc on which you have already installed Google Maps application.

Google Maps has officially launched its parking card feature which it carried out the beta-tests on the Android based operating systems.

How to use it

The parking card feature works quite easy and efficiently. In order to use it, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Park your car and stop your engine
  2. Open the Google Maps application
  3. Touch the blue point on the map showing your location.
  4. Then, the application will open a “parking card” on which you can write at which floor you are, parking time limit if any exists and photo of the car. Even you can send this card to your wife and friends.

Best thing with this “parking card” feature is that if you have connected with your car via blue-tooth or USB, Google Maps will automatically save your location when you stop the engine.

Google gathers the data from cell towers, known wifis and GPS in order to determine your exact location.

If you are an iphone user, dont worry, since the feature will be in use upon your first update.

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