General View

Chess Story is a psychological fiction by Stefan Zweig. The writer makes up an outstanding plot thanks to the impressive use of psychoanalysis. Being a rather little book with less than 100 pages, the Chess story is so gripping and mind boggling that you will read it at once with a great enthusiasm…

Main Characters and Review

Dr.B., Mirko Czentovic, and Mc Connor are the main characters of the Chess Game.The topic of the book is how a person who never played a chess game with a real person beats a world champion. You will get the message that loneliness is sometimes is the biggest weapon that you can use against people.

If you are a chess lover, than, the Chess Story will be definitely a tailor made book for you. if not, don’t worry because you will enjoy travelling through the depths of subconsciousness and witnessing the thin line between delusion and reality. The writer only make use of chess to reveal strengths and weaknesses of  intellectuality and nervous system.

The royal game seems to be the mirror of writers’ perception of life and his feelings towards the cruelty of humankind that leads to suffering of millions insanely. In fact,endless desire of chess players to cut opponents up is something that reflects writers understanding of politics and politicians of war years. Unfortunately, Stefan Zweig decided to end his life before the official release. In doing so, he mirrored Dr. B. who left the game with an inability to persist to play the game until its natural end.

Final Verdict

It is just a pity that the Chess Story is a very short book. It is worthy of devoting time on it and meets every single nickel you spent. Go and read it as soon as possible without any hesitation.

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